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Think bigger, achieve more, do less

Does that sound like a cheat? We thought so, too, hence Motherlode.

You'll get brownie points if you know where the cheat code is from. 

Knowing how to run your business operations, communicate with your team, plan for the future, solve messy people problems, collaborate effectively, and keep tabs on everything, all without wasting your time—

Doesn't that sound like the easier way?

We bring clarity, predictability, and stability so you can sustainably thrive!

Small Business Operations


Motherlode is a people-centered operations agency founded on the premise that business operations should facilitate, not impede, great ideas, products, and services from improving the world.


If you're a founder or a micro/small business owner who:

  • is tired of the constant grind,

  • wants to provide a great employee experience without the "HR" you hate,

  • needs a resource to provide expert guidance for a wide range of problems,

  • wants someone to champion and motivate YOU for a change,


​​OR, if you're an up-and-coming, voluntold, or incoming operator who:

  • needs a trusted resource to make sure they don't misstep,

  • wants to upskill based on current needs,

  • not a generic curriculum,

  • needs to get up to speed with urgency,


we would love to help you find sustainable, scalable, effective, and efficient solutions based on years of experience across industries and scales.​


We cannot sell you more time, but we can give you the next best thing: peace of mind and efficiency so you can focus your time on what matters most.

As my company grew, managing everything from business development to HR became unsustainable. Motherlode helped establish the processes for efficient and sustainable business operations. THIS enabled me to focus on building great software products for our clients.

Keith Alperin

Helium Foot Software

Our Services


CEO Operations

  • Do you keep getting dragged into the minutia of running the business?

  • Are you wearing all the operations hats and "winging it" for people operations, meetings, planning, metrics, documentation, etc.?

  • Is this your first time managing and you want to get it right?

  • Do you feel like "there MUST be a better way?"

We'll be your "phone-an-expert."


Fractional Chief of Staff

  • Do you need to be held accountable to meet your audacious goals? 

  • Do you need a go-to resource for questions you can't ask elsewhere?

  • Do you have messy people problems (recruiting, managing, alignment, communication, annoyance at [X])?

  • Do you need a thought partner to provide informed counterpoints to strengthen your ideas?

All the support, fraction of the cost.


Operator Upskilling

  • Would you like to upskill an existing employee to take on a new role as your operator?

  • Would you like to quickly onboard a new operator?

  • Are you an administrator who wants to be an Office Manager, Head of Operations, or Chief of Staff?

  • Are you taking on your Micro/Small business' HR?

Let's de-risk your Operations.

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