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Extend your WebForms electronic service to other customers MotherLode.net: Connection Factory

Extend your WebForms electronic service to other customers

Use MotherLode North America with Multiple Customers

One hundred years ago, businesses purchased a phone to communicate with multiple customers. Twenty-five years ago businesses purchased a fax machine to quickly exchange paper documents with multiple customers. Today, businesses are purchasing electronic exchange technology, such as MotherLode North America's WebForms, with the ability to utilize the solution with multiple customers. MotherLode's Connection Factory enables your business to utilize our WebForms and Fax services with all of your customers.

Maximize Your Investment

Our Connection Factory makes it easy for you to extend the MotherLode.net electronic services to other customers. Our network is certified for the electronic trading guidelines of over 600 businesses and we can easily add additional businesses to this list. The Connection Factory can be used to quickly certify new businesses with EDI guidelines in-place to our network in just days. This combination of a low, one-time fee of $200 for each trading connection and an expansive, consolidated network of your existing and future customers, make it possible for you to do electronic transactions utilizing your existing MotherLode service.

How Do I Get Connected?

Your business can use your existing MotherLode service to connect to other customers by:

  • Notifying MotherLode of the name of the business with whom you want to start trading.
  • MotherLode will contact that business' IT department on your behalf.
  • MotherLode will develop a certified solution with that business within 10 to 15 working days.
  • MotherLode will connect you via WebForms or Fax services.
  • Start trading.
Features and Benefits
  • An expansive network of over 600 buyers / hubs on MotherLode.net's Connection Factory provides rapid integration with existing and future customers.
  • Expanding on a daily basis, new buyers / hubs are added to the Connection Factory, so if one of your customers is not already there, we can quickly add them for you.
  • The affordable pricing of MotherLode.net means that the more buyers / hubs you trade with, the less you pay for each transaction (up to a flat-rate for unlimited transactions for some solutions).
  • Consolidate your trading partners into one easy to use service.
  • Online training is provided for each buyer / hub with whom you trade.
MLNA is...
  • Industry knowledge
  • Affordable service solutions
  • Industry exclusivity with our technology partners
  • Hosted, flexible, customizable and proprietary products
  • Experienced management team