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Work flow management workshops On-site workshops designed for utility managers

Work flow management workshops

MotherLode North America has developed an executive workshop to be delivered at your location intended to accomplish three objectives:

1. Develop an understanding about how an automated work flow process can improve organizational effectiveness;

2. Develop an understanding of the elements required for a successful implementation of work flow or crew scheduling software tools;

3. Prepare a preliminary organizational gap analysis to determine the organization’s readiness for implementing a work flow/crew scheduling system.

We start with the basics of understanding how measuring performance can help change the culture of an organization and then drill down to the details of how work flows through your organization today. We will help utilities complete their own "road map" of what needs to be in place in order for a system like this to work at their organization. Our consultant team has a combined 115 years’ experience in information technology, industrial and process engineering, and human resources.

Workshop elements:

A. Defining the organization’s work flow process

B. Estimating work “units”

C. Understanding the impact of measuring performance

D. Integrating with your existing systems

E. Forging the commitment to change

F. Using information to manage the organization

G. Review organization structure/identify departmental objectives

MLNA is...
  • Industry knowledge
  • Affordable service solutions
  • Industry exclusivity with our technology partners
  • Hosted, flexible, customizable and proprietary products
  • Experienced management team