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Your e-document delivery system Perfect F.I.T. - Perfect Fax Integration Technology

Your e-document delivery system

Convert any data source to fax MotherLode’s Perfect Fax Integration Technology (F.I.T.) is your solution for converting any data source to fax. Unlike other fax services, Perfect F.I.T. is human monitored, ensuring that every document you send reaches its intended destination. The Fax Service provides a cost effective communication solution with business partners.

Features and Benefits
  • Consistent: A single process that is able to convert any data source to fax
  • Efficient: Elimination of non-value-add time spent manually printing, filing, and faxing documents
  • Affordable: Elimination of current expenditures for postage, phone and fax expenses
Perfect F.I.T. can reduce document delivery costs by up to 90% by eliminating the time it takes to operate a manual fax as well as costs associated with printing and mailing documents.

MotherLode's unique solution also allows you to add customized attachments, such as Terms and Conditions, with any fax. Perfect F.I.T. can be utilized by any and all departments, including purchasing, accounting, IT, and management. Realize quick return on investment with an e-document delivery system that is a Perfect F.I.T. with your company's needs.

Please let us know the type of documents you are manually sending either by fax or mail and we will respond with a recommended solution.

Claculate your possible monthly savings with Perfect F.I.T

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