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A suite of tools to schedule equipment and crews. WorkLode Manager

A suite of tools to schedule equipment and crews.

What are your cooperative members missing by not using this tool?

Short-term ROI in real dollars.

Improved follow-through on customer requests.

Better internal communications, which means improved communications with members.

Better management of the largest single cost of your cooperative's operating budget.

Less time spent scheduling by line management, which translates to more time directly managing people and projects.

Simple, managed integration to existing software allows you to benefit immediately, even if other system changes are underway.

How it works                            Sign-Up For A Demo

MotherLode North America's WorkLode Manager pulls data from a co-op's engineering/staking, customer service and billing applications to produce daily work schedules and management reports.  Using WorkLode, superintendents, schedulers and dispatchers link crew schedules with service order, work order, equipment assignment and material availability.  The user-friendly application allows individuals to easily "Drag-and-Drop" service and work orders from a work queue onto a daily crew calendar.  Since it's built using a centralized data repository, this tool will work with most combinations of general accounting, customer information and business information system software used in the electric utility industry.

Put these benefits to work for you!

Users have a real-time tool for planning, benefiting members with quicker response at lower cost.

Overall operating costs are lower.

Average length of time to build new services is reduced.

Spending on outside contractors is decreased.

People doing the scheduling now know the location and the expected duration of the job.  Using this information, travel time may be reduced.  Trucks travel less, extending their scheduled maintenance periods.  As fewer miles are logged, the consumption of truck fuel drops.   Improved scheduling, therfore, has a domino effect of generating savings in many areas of operations.

New data is now available for analyzing the operation, including:  
°  Quantity of time spent on various work types.
°  The number of service orders by work type.
°  Crew utilization percentages.
°  Crew efficiency ratios.
°  Crew availability.
°  Trending of crew effectiveness.
°  Capacity model based on historical work load, crew effectiveness and crew availability.
°  Reliable lead times for completing work.
°  Travel time and miles driven.

Testimonials from customers.

Jeff Reeves, President/CEO
Corn Belt Energy (Bloomington, IL)
"Throughout my 33-year electric cooperative career, I have looked for a tool that could be used to help us manage the largest single cost of running a cooperative: line operations.  In my view, WorkLode Manager is that tool.  I believe that once cooperatives understand the power of this software, they will be beating down your door to get it."

Rick Lemonds, General Manager/CEO
Lake Country Power (Grand Rapids, MN)
"We conservatively estimate that the crew scheduling tool accounted for a 10% productivity improvement.  This adds 10 minutes for each lineman, everyday.   For LCP that is the equivalent of 1 additional lineman in a years' time."

Steve Sertich, Director of Operations
Lake Country Power (Grand Rapids, MN)
"MotherLode's WorkLode Manager allowed our lineman to do more construction work while we improved the preventive maintenance program and devoted time for other field service programs."

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