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Management team


Ed Zabinski - Co-Founder; President & CEO
Zabinski worked for 20 years as a public affairs and human resources executive at Blandin Paper Co. in Grand Rapids, Minn., and for the last five years in a consulting practice.


Doug Van Arkel - Vice President, Business Systems
Van Arkel has 31 years of technology sales and marketing experience, including 20 years with AT&T Corporation in Omaha and Chicago.


Dave Kooda - Chief Technology Officer
Kooda has 20 years designing and deploying information systems technologies at the Upjohn Company (Michigan)and Blandin Paper Company (Minnesota). He has served as the CTO for five years.

Mary Pat Byron Zabinski - Accounting Coordinator
Mary Pat has worked for Miller-Dwan Hospital (Duluth, MN)and the Moline Company (Duluth, MN) as a computer operator. She spent 2 yrs at Itasca Community College taking accounting and business courses and worked for Sholom Blake, CPA before coming to work for MotherLode.


Chris Peterson - Systems Engineer
Chris Peterson joined MotherLode in March 2006 after 12 years experience in manufacturing technology and systems analysis. Chris has earned master's degrees in Systems Analysis and Physics from Miami University.

Advisory Board

Jim Hoolihan - Co-Founder
President, Blandin Foundation; Grand Rapids, MN Owner, Industrial Lubricant Co.; Grand Rapids, MN

Rich Daly
President, Consatech; Minneapolis, MN

Peter McDermott
President, Itasca Economic Development Corporation, Grand Rapids, MN

John Stemper
Strategic Management Consultant; Plymouth, MN

Steve Welliver - Chair
President, Wellson Group; Grand Rapids, MN

Joan Wurzer
Executive Vice President, RAIN Source Capital; St. Paul, MN

MotherLode North America
201 NW Fourth Street
Grand Rapids, MN 55744

Email: ezabinski@MotherLode.biz
Phone: (218) 327-8870
Fax: (218) 327-8875